We are your partner for complete paint shop supplies

The subject of our work is the realization of complex supplies of surface treatment centers.

Surface treatment lines Large spraying booths Opened spraying booths Driers, wind tunnels and cooling tunnels Dip painting workplaces

Supplied technological units

In co-operation with partner firms from the association of surface finish machinery suppliers ASO we also offer delivery of equipment for mechanical and chemical surface pretreatment (blasting, degreasing, phosphate coating, pickling etc.), equipment for disposal of waste water and gas issues from the surface finish process, device for coating pulverized plastics and other related components.

Our offer includes:

Řešení na míru

  • project of surface finish technology
  • processing of project documentation
  • manufacture and delivery of equipment
  • assembly and putting into operation
  • operator training
  • guarantee and post guarantee service
  • delivery of spare parts and filter fillings

The closely specialized focusing of the production program enables application of the newest technical knowledge and great flexibility when seeking technical solutions of surface finishing processes, that to the maximum meet the capacity requirements and space possibilities of the customers. For this reason most of the delivered machinery is drawn up as atypical.

In the first years of the development of the company the larger portion of deliveries were directed to the home market, but gradually the number of trade deals realized abroad increased, especially in Germany, Holland, Kazachstan, Slovak Republic, France and other countries.

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